World Views on the Brexit Failure

Although on holiday in Peru, I cannot resist publishing a world round-up on the Brexit impasse, the day after the UK was supposed to leave the EU:

Sadly, much of the British media has been polarized in its Brexit positioning to satisfy editors, owners and sponsors. So it is timely to look at input from some of the world’s leading and most influential sources.

All of these articles are well argued, making powerful observations.

For the moment, the UK Government and Parliament seem to be at an impasse. Theresa May has no power as Prime Minister, and a right-wing cabal in the cabinet are driving government policy. Will Michael Gove et al steer the UK towards a no-deal, hard-Brexit?

There is still room for compromise but much damage has been done by the British political class and the UK media – trust will need to be reestablished with the electorate.

All views welcome.


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