Opinion – The UK’s healthcare spending fell as a share of GDP from 9.8% 2013 to 9.6% in 2017 – whereas the percentage rose for four of the remaining six G7 countries – via ONS

An excellent article published by ONS, highlighting the UK’s deplorable trend on healthcare spending. Combine austerity with bureaucracy and inefficiency, along with Government’s failure to reform and the effectiveness of UK healthcare is a disgrace.


BMA – Outsourcing firm and US healthcare insurer team up to run STP – BMA

Here’s a heads-up on the next omni-shambles in UK public healthcare. The BMA is right in this hard-hitting article. It describes how an outsourcing firm – whose work for GPs was described by a minister as ‘entirely unacceptable’ – and the UK arm of a private US healthcare insurer are to lead the development of an STP (sustainability and transformation partnership). The new best practice paradigm is described as ‘shared health and care system.’

Source: BMA – Outsourcing firm and US healthcare insurer team up to run STP

The article questions how with Capita’s appalling record, it continues to win healthcare contracts. Those of us familiar with public administration, both in central and local government, will know that Capita have cleaned up with contracts across the public, despite seriously questionable results.

The Conservative Party leadership have demonstrated, time and time again, that they don’t have the stomach to lead radical change in the public sector. There’s been absence of vision and strategy, relying naively on austerity. The consequence has been back door outsourcing to the likes of Capita (and their US partners).

I have been involved in delivery transformation most of my life and must agree with the thrust of the BMA arguments.

So what’s the answer, more status quo, more outsourcing or a radical third way?