Opinion – What the Left Misses About Nationalism – via NYT

This NYT article is worth a read but it has left me confused. Is the author suggesting that the Left must promote nationalism? For me this seems riddled in contradiction. Surely, the Left are passionately internationalist, frequently more Marxist than socialist these days, and curiously champions of Palastinian nationalism (rather than Arab Nationalism)? For centuries, traditional rightwing politics promoted patriotism. Perhaps, we too readily identify nationalism with fascism? But I agree with the author that multinationals are the real villains, offshoring jobs & not paying a fair share of tax. All views welcome

Opinion – Drugs among middle-class professionals to be investigated to combat violence, Sajid Javid announces – via Independent – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is right. Drug taking amongst middle class professionals has been rife for years. Cocaine, favoured by “Masters of the Universe”, the ‘Glitterati’ and striving London-based professionals is as commonplace as coffee.

In the “Wolf of Wall Street”, the junk stock operator, Jordan Belfort, played in the film of the same name, starring Leonardo di Caprio, writes in his book of the same name that he was encouraged to do so by his Wall Street mentor so that he could “dial faster” as a precursor to selling more shares to more people and thus earning more sales commission. Belfort in turn encouraged his boiler room salespeople to do the same thing until the authorities put a stop to his malfeasance and jailed him for fraud and breaches of securities laws, money laundering and swindling.

In expensive dinner parties, people who used to be hippies in the sixties, now relive their misspent youth, by eating cannabis baked into cakes, whilst quaffing top of the range wines and snorting cocaine.

What is needed from Javid is not a belated investigation but hard evidence about the effects of these practices, so that people who see themselves as clever and above the law can be educated to lead drug free lives.

John Gelmini