Why education is the key to integrating refugees in Europe – Agenda – The World Economic Forum

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In this WEF article, Christian Bodewig discusses the importance of education in the integration of refugees in Europe.

Source: Why education is the key to integrating refugees in Europe – Agenda – The World Economic Forum

As a passionate believer in the benefits of education, I go along with the broad thrust of this article. But I question the political dynamics of the proposal.

In many countries, especially Anglo-Saxon, we are seeing a growing gap between the privileged and the rest of society. The privileged get top-tier education and through family networks, doors open and opportunities are provided. Increasingly, ordinary people, especially minorities, struggle against glass ceilings. In some countries, we have seen positive discrimination a favor of minorities.

If I understand the article correctly, it is talking about giving refugees special education status, so is this positive discrimination and queue jumping ahead of other minorities?


Opinion – UK’s ‘High-Growth Small Businesses’ are rated No. 1 Story of Week per World Economic Forum – John Gelmini

Dr Alf’s 7 point plan is a very useful place to start and should be combined with “sunset ” legislation, which would authorise a constabulary, fire command or local authority for say two years, forcing them to merge and create shared service centres after that.

Kenya, which has been an independent republic for just 60 years, has, under its Transition Authority reduced the number of local authorities from the 230 plus it inherited from us under Colonial rule to just 47 within a country 6 times the size of ours. Policing is done with a single national police force.

Changes on this scale would reduce business operating costs and force the pace of new business creation through shrinking the public sector down to size.

About 1% of SME’s have the ability to scale up and export. These need to be identified and helped to do so by focussing most resources onto them not simply focussing on all SME’s equally. Picking winning SMEs require skill and should not be left to bankers and bureaucrats – it probably needs to use people like myself & Dr Alf have the vision and experience.

John Gelmini


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