Revisited – The Despair Death of the Middle-Aged American – The Atlantic

It’s time to revisit this brilliant Atlantic article on the despair death of the middle-aged American. The article explains simply and graphically why uneducated white Americans are living sicker and dying younger.

Source: The Despair Death of the Middle-Aged American – The Atlantic

Despair deaths from alcohol, suicide and drugs are very much in the news. But if anything matters have got considerably worse since the 2015 Atlantic article. Both drug enforcement and treatment are way behind the curve. But perhaps most alarming is the explosive growth in highly addictive, synthetic opioids that have swamped North American cities and are now increasingly a problem in Europe, especially the UK.

With technology increasingly taking over semi-skilled and unskilled jobs, poor Americans with limited education are increasingly likely to suffer despair deaths.

It’s worth joining the dots and suggesting that the poor, uneducated and unskilled American whites who are at risk of despair deaths also probably voted for Donald Trump. As we have seen over the last six months, Trump has consistently failed to deliver, so we must be ready for a spike in despair deaths.




IFS warns of biggest squeeze on pay for 70 years over Brexit | Business | The Guardian

The Guardian cites a respected thinktank saying that UK’s withdrawal from EU will stoke inflation and peg back wages to below their 2008 level in 2021.

Source: IFS warns of biggest squeeze on pay for 70 years over Brexit | Business | The Guardian

Of course, the squeeze on pay is only half the crisis. There’s also the continued culling of public services as central and local government adjusts to lower projected national income.

Regular readers will know that this blog has repeatedly warned of the economic consequences of Brexit. But the people listened to the Pied Piper and now they must take the consequences.