Opinion – Why Britain cannot afford to be conned by Cameron’s EU ‘renegotiation’ deal – Liam Fox – Telegraph

English: Liam Fox, British Conservative politi...

English: Liam Fox, British Conservative politician. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a lifelong conservative, there perhaps was a time when I respected Liam Fox but not anymore. He’s a Little Englander who wants to close the UK borders to immigration irrespective of the cost to the economy, security and wider society. The UK has survived as an international trading nation for centuries. So does Fox want to go back to Medieval England?

Source: Why Britain cannot afford to be conned by Cameron’s EU ‘renegotiation’ deal

This article highlights how the Brexit case is built on a stack of cards. It’s about immigration, immigration and more immigration. Expert evidence from the Economist has confirmed that immigration will continue irrespective of the results of the Brexit referendum. The reality is that there’s a massive skills shortfall in the UK and immigration is necessary to support maintenance of the the UK’s living standards. Do the Brexit supporters believe that the NHS could be supported without foreign doctors and nurses?

Liam Fox and the rest of those supporting the Brexit have not produced any credible evidence of the social cost of the Brexit. Perhaps, with Fox and his right-wing   chums in government, they will be able to introduce an Australian or Canadian control on immigration  but the cost in terms of jobs, defense and national security, education, welfare etc. would be enormous. I predict 1930s type Depression.

All those who favor a Brexit must be made to understand that a Brexit is about much more than immigration. If the Economist is right and immigration will stay the same irrespective of the Brexit result, then the Brexit has no major argument in its favor.

Older voters who favor the dogma of the Brexit campaign feel that they can reverse the number of immigrants in the UK, get doctors’ appointments more quickly because they won’t be competing with immigrants – also they worry about their grandchildren. The answer is to ensure that their grandchildren are ready to compete effectively in a global market place with appropriate skills, education and confidence.

The Little Englanders will not and cannot win.



How a Brexit risks triggering return of Far Right, loss of Europe’s democracies and WWIII – A Cosmopolitan’s Doomsday Scenario

WWI Territory Changes

WWI Territory Changes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WWII Europe 1941-1942 Map EN

WWII Europe 1941-1942 Map EN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many older people who live in the UK are myopic, seeing immigration as the only threat and that’s why they favor a Brexit. They are blind to the UK’s enormous competitive weaknesses.

However, older UK expats, like myself, are more cosmopolitan. I’ll be 68 on May 12 but I’ll be voting with Britain’s youth to REMAIN in the EU.

The risks are real. Following a Brexit, I risk profile the return of the Far Right (starting in France) and the domino collapse of Europe’s democracies, the vaporizing of the EU bureaucracy and new bilateral alliances (like pre-WW1). Greed to protect trade and secure natural resources will lead to WWIII. Russia, China and Turkey will seek new geopolitical gains and America will sit on her hands (with yet another lame duck President).

Younger British voters want to remain part of a leaner EU. To repeat, I’ll be 68 on May 12 but I’ll vote with the youngsters that Britain’s Stronger in Europe.

UK expats can envision the doomsday scenario resulting from a Brexit. Whereas, older UK residents are myopic and can only see immigration as the threat.

Happy to debate.