Labour is dreaming if it believes Britain wants socialism – The Guardian

Here’s a thoughtful article from the Guardian which is worth a read. The article argues that Britain’s property-owning older investors want to preserve the status quo and don’t trust Labour’s promise of growth in the public sector. Respectfully, the article misses the point. The battlefield will be for the votes of those likely to inherit from their parents and grandparents. Conservative strategists will promote fear, arguing that a Far Left Labour government will be revolutionary, seeking to steal the wealth of ordinary people and their right to pass it to their children and grandchildren. The battle lines will be over inherited wealth. But evidence is powerful too – despite much promise, socialism has failed to delivery to the majority –  it has pandered to its own privileged classes and elites. Thoughts?

Opinion – No mistaking the importance of addressing the nation’s opioid epidemic | TheHill

This amazing article in the Hill blames America’s opioid crisis on foreign shippers. It argues that for too long shippers from outside the U.S. have been excessively negligent in permitting hazardous and addictive substances entering the country.

Source: No mistaking the importance of addressing the nation’s opioid epidemic | TheHill

Let’s face it, America’s taste for opioids started when doctors regularly overprescribed opioids and the big pharma companies have made millions of Dollars presumably knowing about the addictiveness of opioids.

Surely, there’s a need for a flat levy or tax on on pharmaceutical sales of opioids?