Theresa May can restore some of her credibility by putting Boris Johnson in charge of Brexit | The Independent


Here’s a fascinating article from the Independent. It reports that an accident-strewn speech on the last day of the Conservative Party conference took the spotlight off the Foreign Secretary and back on to the Prime Minister, although probably not in the way she had hoped. But the “Boris” problem persists, and it will persist, until Theresa May becomes brave enough or desperate enough to do something about it. The article speculates on Johnson and Davis changing roles.

Source: Theresa May can restore some of her credibility by putting Boris Johnson in charge of Brexit | The Independent

At first this seems a bit wacky. But if we assume that Britain’s heading for a very hard, disaster Brexit, crashing out of the EU, fielding Johnson might be a high risk strategy.


The race to e-mobility | DW Environment | DW | 04.08.2017

German newspaper DW reports that German automakers are promising to ramp up electric vehicle production, while Paris and London are pledging to go all-electric by 2040. It explores why China is beating Europe at the e-mobility game.

Source: The race to e-mobility | DW Environment | DW | 04.08.2017

German media is giving the German auto makers a tough time, firstly with falsifying diesel emissions and secondly with the race to electric cars, e-mobility. If the biased British media took a tougher line on British businesses perhaps the UK wouldn’t be looking so weak post Brexit?

For so long, ‘Made in China’ signalled a product with less attention to quality. Meanwhile German quality always signalled superior brands with overengineered solutions. Now because of the diesel scandal, world markets may move away from yesterday’s paradigm. China and other countries are embracing tomorrow’s consumer needs but German manufacturers are seemingly slow to invest, milking the status quo.

If Germany leading brands are to survive, they must again lead with innovation and quality. But over engineered German brands are no use if customers’ are ready to pay for Chinese electric cars.