Opinion – Dems say GOP focus on mental health is redirection from gun control – The Hill

Here’s a breaking story, published in The Hill. But most non-Americans will argue that the US mass shootings are a function of gun control and mental health. But the mental health challenges are probably a function of modern American socialogy – increasing wealth of the minority, failing healthcare, fewer jobs because of technology and offshoring and escalating addiction, especially opioids. What ever happened to the ‘American Dream?’ Thoughts?

Conservatives come together to sell a Brexit transition – FT

Here’s an excellent Brexit article from the FT. It argues with Theresa May a more peripheral figure, a coalition of Remainers and Leavers aims to delay the full liberation from Brussels.

Source: Conservatives come together to sell a Brexit transition

With Labour now echoing similar views, it looks like Britain will need to conceed to the EU’s terms for a lengthy transition. During the transition the UK will be a full-paying member without a vote.

If May wishes to continue in office, she will need to accept the growing consensus against her hard Brexit. But May could do well to remind the EU that Britain still has a large defense budget, which could conceivably be needed to help the EU in a common defense or indeed foreign policy.

Any thoughts on how Theresa May might play her hand in the next few months?