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I’m reblogging this popular blog. Technology is the real elephant in the room that the political classes ignore. Surely it trumps labor market reform (see related blog on France) as immigration controls which underpin a hard-Brexit?

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This is an excellent, must-read article from think-tank, Bruegel. Check it out!

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The article looks at latest research which estimates the probability of Europe’s jobs being replaced with a computer or robot. For sure, many traditional middle and working class jobs are at risk. Millennials or their parents and grand-parents might think that the solution is choosing careers at least risk. But the most popular careers will attract the most competition.

Any thoughts on best practice for choosing a future career in Europe?


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Having correctly forecast Theresa May‘s election disaster, I’m reblogging my observations on the Conservative Party Manifesto 2017. Much damage to the Conservative brand was done in the election. Now the Conservatives need a new strategy to beat Jeremy Corbyn‘s plan for domestic revolution. Thoughts?

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Read the original Conservative Party Manifesto 2017  by opening this link.

Although a lifetime UK Conservative Party voter, I’m disappointed in Theresa May and her political leadership. For me, she has been strong on rhetoric and light on coordinated policy and weak on strategy.

Now we can read Theresa May’s political offering in the much awaited  Conservative Party Manifesto. It seeks to widen the appeal of Theresa May with motherhood promises and distance itself from the ‘nastiness of Conservative Party’ perceived by many. May is appealing with ‘Trust Me’ campaigns. Perhaps, she’s trying to emulate Germany’s Angela Merkel, who has campaigned with ‘Angela knows best’. But Angela Merkel has delivered for many German citizens and May is untested as a political leader – in particular, her position on Brexit is deeply disturbing.

But decide for yourself, read…

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