Opinion – Yes, Grenfell is a scandal. No, Theresa May does not have blood on her hands | Coffee House – The Spectator – Fraser Nelson – John Gelmini

Typical street of the Royal Borough of Kensing...

Typical street of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London. (Spear Mews, looking towards the K + K George Hotel, 1, Templeton Place) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right but frankly Mrs May is her own worst enemy, constantly reacting to events long after they have already happened and walking about in a manner which shows through her body language and facial expression that she cares very little about what has happened to the poor people affected by the tragedy.

There are 4000 buildings of a similar type to Grenfell Towers, many of which can be seen from the M6 in Birmingham and many in Labour controlled areas.

The failure to fit sprinklers, proper fire resistant cladding, alarms and external fire escapes is a national problem that crosses the political divide and is a fault of insurers who should have refused to insure each of these buildings until they were made safe by Government Housing Ministers, like Brandon Lewis and Mrs May’s new Chief of Staff. These men and their predecessors did nothing to tighten up on fire safety, encouraged fire station closures when populations were rising and did nothing about ‘Fire Futures’ the document that heralded the present regime.

Indeed we heard in the Independent from the CEO of the Fire Protection Association that Ministers felt that nothing needed to be done because no “residents had died as a result of fire”. We know that the inflammable cladding used on Grenfell House is banned in Germany and America and we know that Government Ministers were aware of that fact and of the Coroner’s report after the Larkenall House fire 4 years ago. We know about the late night power surges at Grenfell House and the standards of poor workmanship by the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s outsourcing company and the fact that residents who complained were threatened with legal action.

Mrs May in her reaction to the two terrorist incidents and Westminster Bridge again talked a good fight but did nothing. This time round she has announced a £5 million GBP fund which is derisory but once again did nothing to trim the waste of foreign aid (£16 billion GBP a year with no proper accounting, as Dr Alf would understand it, to determine where the money has been going).

Boris should step in and put her out of her misery, as she is out of depth and out of road. He however has to act and not grandstand as he has a case to answer too.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Labour and Conservatives ‘in cross party talks to secure softer Brexit’ | The Independent – John Gelmini

In this latest piece from the Independent, via Dr Alf, I am starkly reminded of the story of the wolf and the piece of meat, eventually there will be no Brexit left.

Should these MPs have their way, there is every possibility that between them they will agree to pay the EU vast and unjustifiable amounts of money in an unnecessary “divorce ” settlement, thus creating a gigantic “stitch-up” of the people comparable to the theft of public money by the bankers and the global top families in the 2008 banking crisis which in this country has seen all the culprits walk away scot free.

May, far from clearing up the mess, is allowing it to be further compounded just as Lord Heseltine, the duplicitous Bilderberger, who brought down Margaret Thatcher along with the now dead Lord Howe, wants.

Boris needs to wield the knife quickly, clear out the present cabinet has-beens, replace all of them with new people and develop some backbone.

This is not the Bullingdon Club, the Eton Wall Game or a “jolly jape”, it is serious business and requires laser-like focus and obsession – and a no nonsense approach.

That done, and May consigned to suburban life in Maidenhead, the country needs to start being prepared for competitiveness, bench strength and export-led growth within the context of being a composite but much larger Singapore/Swiss style country functioning as a tax haven with zero tolerance policing and a drive to focus on people producing more than they consume.

In parallel with that, we can have discussions on Brexit knowing that if they fail we can rest easy in the knowledge that we have an alternative that yields prosperity.

Labour MPs can provide input but that is not the same as secret talks which are likely to produce a negotiating position which the EU will not accept in any event.

To prevent further backsliding, we need the BBC (a Bilderberger attendee) privatised, the House of Lords abolished and replaced with a 200 person elected Senate and Channel 4 sold. This will raise money and deal with the naysayers and roadblocks to fast economic reform that have held the country back for all these years.

Then we need Boundary Commission redrawing of the Constituency map on the grounds of cost which would see MP numbers reduced to 200 with 449 fired but salaries for those left upped to £100,000 GBP with additional support staff.

Trimming the monarchy and fast re-enablement of Adult Social Care recipients over 6 weeks would save a further £50 billion GBP which can then be recycled into export led growth, improved foreign language websites, nearshoring passporting solutions and improved writing down allowances.

John Gelmini