Opinion – One in three young people suffering mental health troubles – survey finds – via The Guardian

The left-wing Guardian seems to want more public health resources diverted towards the young, for their alleged mental health suffering. I challenge the findings, the analysis, conclusions and policy changes recommended. We know nothing about the survey methodology, sample size, research literature on this subject. How does it compare to other countries and over time in the UK? Things have been getting tough for a long-term – the UK is uncompetitive, with inadequate skills and poor work motivation. Brexit will bring more than seven lean years. I’m surprised that the liberal Guardian is not recommending free Marijuana for all as a policy option? What about toughening up the youngsters with modified national service, along the Israeli lines? Thoughts?


Opinion – Labour voters should look again at the Tory party, here for the many – Theresa May – Guardian/Observer

Theresa May’s op-ed in the Observer is a recommended read. She’s right to pitch towards the political centre ground – ‘one-nation conservatism‘ has a proud tradition going back to Disraeli. Alarmingly, the Labour Party has lurched towards the Far-Left – ‘New Labour’ under Jeremy Corbyn is totally different to ‘Old Labour’, built on compassionare socialism. To win the next general election, the Conservatives must deliver radical policies that will appeal to the political centrists. Since the crash of 2008 too many working and middle class families have suffered under austerity.