Opinion – The bad news is we’re dying early in Britain – and it’s all down to ‘shit-life syndrome’ – Will Hutton – The Guardian

Will Hutton argues that attention has been wasted on Brexit rather than addressing the ‘shit-life syndrome’ (SLS). This term was coined in America to capture those trapped at the lower echelons of society, viz. Trump’s power-base. Hutton is applying it to a crisis-hit UK plagued by uncertainty about Brexit. I think that there is a case to answer on the SLS that has emerged since the 2008 financial crisis. The SLS will prove be ruthlessly provoked by Corbyn’s Far Left cronies, as much as Farage’s Far Right. Whether they cry blame the immigrants or austerity, the truth will be the same.

The truth is that its weak people who are increasing turning to alcohol, opioids, junk food, and absence of sensible excercise – this is affecting UK mortality rates.

Depending upon your politics, it’s either the responsibility of the state or the individual to redress matters

Many families know people caught-up in the SLS.

Should the second referendum be widened to encompass the SLS or should it be narrowly focused?


Opinion – I warned Jeremy Corbyn about Brexit – now Labour must regain its radicalism -Yanis Varoufakis – New Statesman

Here’s an interesting article from former Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, on a radical vision for Brexit.

Source: I warned Jeremy Corbyn about Brexit – now Labour must regain its radicalism

Although I share very different political views to Yanis Varoufakis, I identify with his argument.

Whilst the Conservative right have been behaving like the Far Right, for whom the end justifies the means, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is equally culpable, with Far Left membership intent on revolution. The Conservative Government, under Theresa May, are incredibly feeble but Corbyn has failed to act in the national best interest by effectively challenging the government – Corbyn’s simply looking to win the next election after the  Brexit omni-shambles.

This week, Brexit Minister, David Davis, will report back to the UK Parliament.

It will be interesting to see who pulls the biggest rabbit from the hat, the Conservative Government, the Labour opposition or the radical centre? Will this be Britain’s Macron moment?