Opinion – US cuts nearly USD300 million in aid for Palestinian refugees – Fox News

Here’s powerful article from Fox News, highlighting America’s decision to pull the plug on Palestinian aid via the UN. There is the precedent, with the US pullout from UNESCO. Because of intermediaries, a surpisingly small portion of the funding reaches those most in need. Also the UN is deeply biassed according to the US. Analysts argue that the US is looking for other donor countries to shoulder more of the burden and the US is looking for more effective distribution channels for foreign aid. Sadly, we live in an age where international agencies and charities are increasingly meddling in politics, rather than focusing upon the effectiveness with which they meet their core objectives. Views?

Top Blogs Revisited -An in Depth Look at Deleveragings – Ray Dalio – Bridgewater

This is an excellent article looking at good, bad and ugly deleveraging experiences over the last century. It is written by Ray Dalio, billionaire,  head of the World’s largest hedge fund operator, Bridewater Associates. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this article for a deeper understanding of the deleveraging debate underpinning the argument of the austerian politicians in the  US, the UK and Germany.

Open this link to read the article which is in PDF format.

The article is quite long but easy to read with lots of interesting colored charts.

Based on historic precedent, I think that there is hard evidence that austerity has been too severe in many countries since the financial collapse in 2008, especially in the UK and Southern Europe.

Good national economic house-keeping as advocated by Germany makes excellent sense but as this article explains there are different rates of pain associated with different deleveraging strategies; also and most critically because of the Euro and the European Commission, Southern European countries do not have a full range of economic policy tools, both in terms of fiscal and monetary policy.

Any thoughts?

(Originally published in this blog, July 14, 2013)