Opinion – The Massacre That Led to the End of the British Empire – via NYT – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is correct and the article is factually wrong in every respect.

Dyer, in the inquiry which followed the massacre, was admonished for giving insufficient time between his warning and the orders to fire if the people didn’t disperse. This was because some of the youngest victims were under the age of 4.

The British Empire came to an end, in its final form, with the independence movement in India, instigated by Ghandi and in the botched separation of India and Pakistan by Mountbatten, which resulted in the deaths of nearly 50 million people in Hindu versus Muslim religious strife.

After these events, we had independence movements in Africa, the Kenyan and Cyprus “emergencies”, which ended in 1964 and 1956 respectively – both decades after 1919.

The British Empire, in reality, metamorphosed into the Commonwealth, and the UK positioned stooges such as Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya to do our bidding, whilst supposedly operating as independent Republics.

The Monarch is head of the Commonwealth and, using delegated authority through her Governors General, has the power to fire Prime Ministers and approve or reject budgets. Two Australian Prime Ministers were fired in this way and Sir John Major, in his memoirs and on the BBC, said that the New Zealand Prime Minister was in front of him awaiting an audience with the Queen to have his budget approved.

Robert Mugabe, whilst in the bush, fighting the Rhodesian SAS, had his life saved by a tipoff from MI6 so from that point on owed his life and allegiance to the UK.

The old “Empire” has gone but the new hidden one is very much in evidence, although money generated from it never reaches UK shores.

John Gelmini

Opinion – World Views on the Brexit Failure – John Gelmini

Dr Alf, refreshed and reinvigorated by the clear air and magnificent scenery in Peru, has had a good opportunity to review the current state of play vis-a-vis Brexit.

On current form, I can see the UK remaining in the EU, as that was what was planned all along.

I tend to think we will have to have an extension to our time, as there will not be time to agree a new deal, even if the 27 European member states were to agree it. Following that extension, we will remain in the EU until it splits into two halves in about 18 to 22 months time, based on its own tensions and the incompatibility of member states economic cycles. The main half, based on “Greater Germany”, Austria, Sweden, France, Holland, Belgium and Finland will be juxtaposed against the Southern half, based on Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, plus the Balkan states. The UK would probably do best in EFTA, which will fall outside these blocs, as the Southern bloc would be too limiting and the main half would mean falling under German control. The Germans have already planned for this scenario by bringing back a lot of their gold reserves from America but I see no proper planning here in the UK.

The UK’s ills stem from a disgruntled proletariat, which feels hard done by, unrepresented and has little money. It is made worse by gross inequality, which manifests itself in massively inflated executive pay, wasteful local authorities and a political class bludgeoning expenses on a bigger scale than the scandal exposed by the Daily Telegraph a few years ago. These factors, too few exports, too little productivity, and over expensive public services, plus indifference to the need for reform and efficiency measures for the police, civil service and the NHS, have led to falling living standards amongst the many, and rapidly rising ones for the few in fhe know. his rather than Brexit, is driving the incessant demonstrations and aggressive behaviour although the very stupid want to scapegoat migrants for their plight even though these migrants are doing work which the indigenous proletariat refuse to do or see as “beneath them”.

Mrs May is indifferent to these realities – to the failure to build houses, use systems building and reform the police so that they can fight crime and the need to reintroduce National Service to inculcate discipline in the young population in a country which is now out of control. She must be removed and her tired Cabinet of ‘also-rans’ replaced with younger more telegenic people who get it.

What passes for an Opposition is run by an ageing Trotskyite, who condones institutional anti-Semitism, with a history as a political troublemaker,  historically has  some highly suspicious associates and most critically no effective leadership qualities. Left-wing activists cite Jeremy Corbyn’s policies but he must be measured by his actions and failures, most noticeably Brexit and anti-Semitism.

Concern about Brexit masks a deeper malaise in the UK, in which deference is gone, and the ruling class seen as venal shysters, freeloaders, parasites and scoundrels. Rather too many of them are seen in this light and not as well-minded people “,trying to do their best”. Politicians of an earlier generation tried to serve their country – now this is seen as quaint, with the Far-Left and the Far-Right actively promoting chaos and revolution.

An element of tangible contrition and behavioural change is needed, and needed fast, otherwise, the UK is in for a very rough ride – politically, economically and socially. I am far less confident than Dr Alf that the UK Government, Parliament and the EU will reach a last-minute compromise to avoid disaster.

John Gelmini