Opinion – Theresa May under pressure over ‘secret advice’ on halting Brexit | Politics | The Guardian

Here’s a really important article in the Guardian/Observer. It reports that the prime minister has been sent FOI request by a top barrister to publish legal guidance thought to argue that UK can stop EU divorce process at any time.

Source: Theresa May under pressure over ‘secret advice’ on halting Brexit | Politics | The Guardian

It seems that parliament can intervene and stop Brexit in the national interest.

If we work on the assumption that there is clear legal advice recommending that Brexit can be reversed by parliamentary decision, then the position of both Theresa May’s government and Jeremy Corbyn‘s opposition is shameful. Both are trying to to deceive the public for their own political ends.

The evidence that Brexit will be a disaster is overwhelming, as May’s government hurtles towards the hardest of Brexit’s.



Opinion – Meet the Conservative Party’s new torchbearers – Bagehot – The Economist

Here’s an outstanding article in the Bagehot column of the Economist. It argues strongly that the Tories need to promote their next generation of leaders—and fast.

Source: Meet the Conservative Party’s new torchbearers

Like every other respectable newspaper, the article concludes that the Conservative Party Conference highlighted weaknesses rather than strengths. Theresa May and her cabinet are targeted as ineffectual, weak and largely lacking brain power. The article highlights some of the highly talented young Conservative MPs, whom Theresa May must quickly promote to stand a chance of appealing to younger voters and winning the next election.

BUT first May must jettison the dead-wood and fire a number of prominent cabinet ministers, including Boris Johnson. But if Johnson is outside the cabinet, it will possibly further undermine her authority both in her own party and in Brexit negotiations.

Will May wield the ax or will she wait for a leadership challenge? And will the outcome trigger a hard Bexit and or an early general election?