Opinion – First-world problems: British professionals revolt as austerity hits the middle class – Economist

According to the Economist, the British middle-classes are increasingly feeling the impact of creeping austerity. My advice to them would be to ‘get used to it’, or ‘get out’. The economic consequences of Brexit will be savage for an already heavily indebted UK. Another Conservative Government after the next election will be forced to heavily ramp up austerity. Meanwhile, a Far Left Labour government will also meddle massively but very differently. Either way, the British middle classes are probably in for a prolonged and increasing period of pain. Thoughts?

Opinion – The ‘Macron miracle’ could transform France into a global powerhouse – Brookings Institute

This is a good read from international think-tank, the Brookings Institute. I believe that the critical word in the headline is ‘could’. ‘Could’ is very early stage in the planning process and the other end of the continuum from achievement. But the article makes some sound points and Macron ‘could’ help France enhance her geopolitical position. Compared to Germany, the US and even the UK, France is largely unreformed. Having spent most of my career delivering strategic change, the France Transformation Program probably needs to be properly risk assessed and costed. If we’re tossing around the word ‘could’, it’s interesting to compare France to both Germany and the UK. With an ageing indigenous population, Germany’s mass immigration strategy seems to be introducing new risks, which are a potential threat to Germany’s economic, political and strategic outlook. Sadly, both France and Germany seem well positioned compared to the very high-risk Brexit deliverables. The strong probability is that the UK will be deeply weakened both economically and strategically  as a result of Brexit. Clearly, Macron was a restraining influence on Trump over Syria, rather than Merkel or May. Meanwhile, the UK’s Conservative Party is imploding and Jeremy Corbyn looks set to lead the first Far Left UK government, despite  allegedly being pro-Russian and an anti-Semite. Thoughts?