Opinion – Chart of the Week: Inequality, Your Health and Fiscal Policy – IMF Blog

Here’s a must-read blog from the IMF. The evidence is clear and the IMF’s insight is penetrating. But in country’s like the UK, with falling output measures, healthcare remains a political football. Read the UK media and one gets the impression that for the left-wing the answer is to throw money at the National Heath Service (NHS) – whereas, for the right-wing, it’s to privatise publicly ownerd services, possibly selling them to major US multi-nationals in exchange for a generous post-Brexit trade deal. But the IMF blog highlights that the solution is in the scope of public healthcare. In other words, as has been highlighted by this blog for over five years, public healthcare must be addressed as a strategic challenge – sadly, recent UK government have been light on effective strategic analysis and deliver. My own career specialized in delivering strategic change. Views?

Alcohol and cancer – Editorial – The Lancet

Pardon the pun but this editorial from The Lancet makes sober reading, especially on new year’s day.

Source: Alcohol and cancer – Editorial – The Lancet

Unfortunately, we live in an age where the political classes are undermining evidence in favor of their political aspirations. Also, the mainstream media are quick to publish eye-catching headlines about latest medical research, pandering to editorial and owner bias. Sadly, those most at risk just ignore the prevailing evidence and continue to abuse themselves.

Why should the majority continue to support the minority who fail to take proper care of themselves?