Ninety children taken into care each day, figures show – BBC News

Here’s an alarming story with deeply biased reporting from the BBC. It reports that the number of looked-after children reaches a record high, with 90 taken into care every day last year.

Source: Ninety children taken into care each day, figures show – BBC News

Reading the story quickly, it’s easy to come away with the conclusion that the negative trend is because of the government’s austerity policies. It ignores that some local authorities have been more effective than other in introducing effective cost reductions, rather than cuts to quality and service.

There is also room for concern about the concistency of quality of service from care workers. There’s a worrying public sector trend of laying off the most experienced staff who also happen to be the most expensive. Government bean-counters will look to the cost per employee but are oblivious to the quality of the deliverable.

Then there’s context. Why have the numbers deteriorated? Is it to do with the lifestyles of their parents and guardians?

It’s a shame that the BBC, once the gold-standard is now so biased.




Opinion – Drug and alcohol treatment funding slashed across England by 16% in four years | The Independent

In an exclusive article, the Independent reports that spending on drug and alcohol support services across England has been slashed over the past four years. The Independent reveals that as death and ill-health linked to substance abuse soars to record levels, exclusive figures show that local councils have had to reduce budgets by tens of millions of pounds since 2013, which experts say is creating a “vicious cycle” that is leaving the needs of seriously vulnerable addicts unmet.

Source: Drug and alcohol treatment funding slashed across England by 16% in four years | The Independent

Austerity has been a monumental failure, cutting public services and quality – a true omni-shambles. The Conservative Government and it’s predecessor coalition were too weak to embrace radical change to public services (as advocated by John Gelmini & myself on this blog). Cameron and Osborne had no cohesive strategy and placed too much emphasis on austerity, which was tactical and erroneously applied. Now Theresa May’s government again has no robust strategy, other than Brexit – and Brexit promises to be another Black Hole for Britain.

Of course, the Independent is right and full marks for highlighting the case. But close examination of the evidence of the opioid epidemic in the US highlights that even the Independent is way behind the curve. Like the US, Britain must expect a substance abuse pandemic.

Meanwhile, British politicians are enjoying their lengthy Summer holidays.

What a mess!