For EU reforms, watch Germany, not France – POLITICO

Flag of the European Union

Flag of the European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s an excellent piece from Politico. It suggests that with Merkel likely headed for a fourth term as chancellor, much will depend on her choice of coalition partner in order to deliver EU reforms, with Germany being the innovator not France.

Source: For EU reforms, watch Germany, not France – POLITICO

This article reminds us just how much Macron has on his plate. We are reminded that compared to say the UK or Germany that France is completely unreformed, especially in the public sector. France as a country takes summer vacations seriously but in the autumn, we can expect strikes and disruption to protest at Macron’s reforms.

So the Politico argument that Germany will have more political wiggle room to lead on European reform makes sound sense.


Opinion – Scandal of Donald Trump Jr’s alleged Russian collusion will force his father to resign, Columbia law professor predicts | The Independent – John Gelmini

As Dr Alf suggests, the plot thickens and the dangerous practice of letting your offspring and son-in-law get involved in official business is beginning to threaten the Trump Presidency which in many ways looks like a dynasty with the “King” at the top, being run by a “Baron”(acting as the real “King”( Jared Kushner), a young “Prince” (Donald Jr) and the “Princess in waiting” (Ivanka), ready to take over the throne, when the “King” has stepped down or gone back to being a television mogul.

No-one in America voted for Kushner, Ivanka or Donald Junior, and no-one could have conceived of the idea of the President living his ambitions for his daughter vicariously into the political process as if he had established a royal dynasty.

Americans probably thought that they had dispensed with this sort of thing in 1776, when they officially broke away from British imperial rule and became a republic but under Donald Trump it has been recreated minus the crowns and court intrigue.

I see a Pence Presidency on the horizon, and a wider Middle East war leading to further trouble, so the good professor from Columbia University may well be right.

Trump’s sons cannot look after the Trump Corporation’s business interests from a prison cell, so the price of that not happening might well be the end of the Trump Presidency, its replacement with a Pence Presidency and the preparation by Trump of Ivanka for the bigger role in 2022 or 4 more years after that.

In this way Trump’s political ambitions can be realised vicariously whilst his desire for self aggrandisement and bombast can manifest itself in new business ventures and opportunities to make television programmes and films.

John Gelmini