Opinion – Labour voters should look again at the Tory party, here for the many – Theresa May – Guardian/Observer

Theresa May’s op-ed in the Observer is a recommended read. She’s right to pitch towards the political centre ground – ‘one-nation conservatism‘ has a proud tradition going back to Disraeli. Alarmingly, the Labour Party has lurched towards the Far-Left – ‘New Labour’ under Jeremy Corbyn is totally different to ‘Old Labour’, built on compassionare socialism. To win the next general election, the Conservatives must deliver radical policies that will appeal to the political centrists. Since the crash of 2008 too many working and middle class families have suffered under austerity.

Most people do not believe the Tories are on their side. My party has to change | Phillip Lee MP | Opinion | The Guardian

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a good op-ed, published in the Guardian/Observer. On the eve of the his party’s conference, a Conservative MP calls for a new vision to recapture support across all ages.

Source: Most people do not believe the Tories are on their side. My party has to change | Phillip Lee | Opinion | The Guardian

Whilst there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this article, it’s far too weak in my view. With Boris Johnson about to make a leadership bid, the Conservative Party is once again dominated by ‘traditional conservatives’, and the radical reformers are in the wilderness. So far, the Cameron/May years have been squandered, with the rich and privileged going from strength to strength.

I’ve always been a one-nation conservative in the Disraeli tradition but my left-wing friends tell me that one-nation tories are rare beasts these days.

Personally, I can’t see the Conservative Party appealing to younger voters in the next election. But the first step is surely a new leader, with the appeal to win the younger vote?