Opinion – No wonder MPs are getting bored of prime minister’s questions – John Crace – Guardian – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is right, both May and Corbyn are “tired” speakers, who in May’s case is vacuous and Corbyn’s case promises things that he cannot deliver.

As Dr Alf will have deduced from his Cypriot lair in the sun, talk about nothing and fantasies are not what the country needs. May is increasingly out of her depth on Brexit and is incapable of negotiating anything worthwhile because as yet we have seen no texts of agreements actually signed. Stating that you “wish to see X or Y” does not make it happen unless you have Godlike powers or are an adept. Mrs May is the opposite of an adept; she is cold, unimaginative and never sees for herself, choosing instead to seek the advice of her officials and the deeply untelegenic Gavin Barwell, who looks like the Mekon, the alien in the very old Dan Dare comic books of my very distant youth.

Important decisions are put off, no strategy is in evidence, and every solution to major problems is so far short of what is required that most of them are worse than useless.

Building 5000 extra houses in a year and increasing building of new starts to 200,000 a year means that the present housing shortage of 13 million would take 65 years even if the population remained static. By then Mrs May who is now 62 and a full-blown injecting diabetic will either be dead, 127 years old and out of office with death being the most likely prognosis.

We (the UK) are still secretly engaged in trying to topple President Assad and still harbour delusions of grandeur, which a country with just 17 escort vessels for all our shipping, no coastal protection vessel and £5 trillion GBP’s worth of debt, cannot sensibly sustain.

All this and the unelectability of May and her bunch of ‘has-beens’ goes over her head, whilst the old Trotskyite ,Corbyn sees himself in 10 Downing Street already, although the poll stats suggest otherwise.

John Gelmini

Opinion – The Guardian view on Theresa May and Brexit: time to get off her fantasy island – Editorial – The Guardian


Here’s a brilliant editorial from the Guardian. It argues that Theresa May‘s weakness and Conservative divisions mean she can only control her party by concealing basic truths about the Brexit process.

Source: The Guardian view on Theresa May and Brexit: time to get off her fantasy island – Editorial – The Guardian

The Guardian explores the consequences and they are ugly. May and Davis are delusional about a Canada +++ deal with the EU. The UK’s on to a massive loser. On the one hand, Johnson and Gove will crash out of the EU, with a worst case scenaria. But on the other hand, May’s two year transition deal effectively given the EU control, with the UK’s negotiating position destroyed – actually, the Brexiteers might have reduced effective UK sovereignty.

May and Davis’s lies are not sustainable. There will be a pushback, with a hard-Brexit looking more probable. The greater the lies from May, the more the public will swing to Labour in the next election. Conservative Whips terror tactics, contrasting May or a Marxist Labour Government are misguided. It’s Theresa May who’s going to precipitate the UK first Marxist government.