Bora Bora – French Polynesia: Our view after eight memorable days

Looking back, this is worth a read. It’s one of our most popular travel blogs 🙂

Slow Travel in Distant Places

English: Another day in Bora Bora. English: Another day in Bora Bora. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After our adventure in unspoiled Raiatea, we visited the nearby island of Bora Bora. The flight took ten minutes but the airport is on a separate island to the main resort island. So we boarded the Air Tahiti ferry with  locals and visitors that were not staying in the luxury resorts but we could not fail to notice the arrival facilities for those that were staying in them, as they were whisked away in powerful leather seated speed boats. Bora Bora is quite a small island, set on a spectacular lagoon, and is famous for two things. Firstly, a large part of the island’s accommodation is in seriously expensive luxury resorts. Second, Bora Bora is a mecca for honeymoon couples that are able to afford this kind of extravagance.

We spent eight nights in a delightful, small, locally-owned resort…

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Napier NZ, Stunning Art Deco Architecture and Hawke’s Bay Wineries – Top Blogs Revisited

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This was one of the most popular blogs on New Zealand (ranked by number of hits).

Source: Napier NZ, Stunning Art Deco Architecture and Hawke’s Bay Wineries

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