Opinion – Notre-Dame can and must rise again – via the Telegraph Editorial

Editorial from Telegraph worth read. But what’s more significant is the large number of vulgar comments. Last night like millions, we watched the news mesmerized speculating on the cause of the fire. Within hours, right-wing conspiracy theorists were busy on Twitter. See https://twitter.com/search…

Determining the cause is critical. Even if it’s not criminal, we need to understand why Medieval Architecture is at greater risk of fire when being renovated? Thoughts?

French Socialist leader teaches Germans a history lesson | EurActiv

Map of France with EU flag

Map of France with EU flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a must-read article published by EurActiv. Check it out!

via French Socialist leader teaches Germans a history lesson | EurActiv.

Personally, I think that France behaved outstandingly and Angela Merkel was wrong to force Greece’s hand. Whilst, there’s widespread support in France for the French intervention in favor of Greece, there’s still probably a different prevailing view with the German public.

France is a proud country and she has shown that she can still hit above her weight.

Perhaps, Angela Merkel has precipitated a new shift in power from Berlin to Paris?