Turkey, Europe to swap first groups of migrants – RIGHTS – Hurriyet

Hurriyet the leading Turkish newspaper reports that Germany will take the first Syrian refugees subject to an EUTurkey pact on April 4, with its ambassador noting that the small group’s “resettlement” will serve as a “test” to determine deficiencies in the EU-Turkey readmission deal.

Source: Turkey, Europe to swap first groups of migrants – RIGHTS

Personally, I struggle to see how this deal will be successfully implemented. I fear that there are more risks than opportunities and the slow processes of the EU bureaucracy will not cope.

The refugees and economic migrants will continue to make their way to Europe, seeking a better life. I fear that the problem will change location but it will not be solved with current policies. Indeed the problem is likely to have been compounded by Angela Merkel’s interventions of last summer.


Opinion – Merkel: Germany Strong Enough to Handle Migrant Influx – WSJ – John Gelmini

Angela Merkel, in her red Mrs Thatcher lookalike power top, looks and probably sounds confident about Germany’s ability to absorb and utilise the 1 million Syrian refugees inclusive of economic migrants.

Probably, Germany can absorb them and temporarily resolve its demographic problems, the concern is not the 1 million who are here already but the new arrivals who may be trudging Westward as we speak.

It is in the future, long after Angela Merkel has moved on, that the trouble will begin.

As German industry automates to compete more effectively and become more globally competitive and flexible, these migrants and refugees will no longer be needed and by that time, there will be their children to contend with.

John Gelmini