Opinion – Iran ‘WILL FALL’. Regime faces TRIPLE THREAT and could be brought down this year – The Daily Star


Here’s a fascinating article from UK tabloid newspaper the Daily Star and printed by the Daily Express. This very strong article cites an exclusive interview with Babak Taghvaee, an Iranian dissident and defence expert saying that the Islamic government is facing three key uprisings this year. For me the article is too assertive for the limited evidence which remains the biassed opinion of one person. Whilst, I accept the broad threads, I am not sure that the concept of bringing down the Iranian regime has been properly risk assessed. Surely, the more the Iranian regime is put under pressure, the more radical will be the interventions? Thoughts?

Opinion – The Observer view on Donald Trump’s unfitness for office | Observer editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

Here’s a must-read and deeply alarming editorial from the Observer/Guardian. The liberal Observer reports that the incompetence and infighting at the White House dismay America’s allies and encourage its enemies. The bottom line is that Trump’s unfitness for office.

Source: The Observer view on Donald Trump’s unfitness for office | Observer editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

Normally, I don’t blog about politics in the summer but Trump’s absence of presidential leadership is a potential threat for all of us. The Observer maintains:

The common factor in all these situations is Trump’s self-induced powerlessness and ignorance, his chronic lack of credibility and presidential authority and consequent perceptions of US and western weakness.

Yesterday, I argued that Trump’s impeachment or resignation seems no more than speculation for the moment , so based on today’s evidence, we must expect Russia, Iran and North Korea to increasingly test Trump’s weakness. With Trump weak on leadership, judgement and political skills, these are increasingly dangerous times.