Immigration: The Polish paradox | The Economist

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European Union European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a good article from the Economist, looking at Polish immigration into UK. Check it out!

via Immigration: The Polish paradox | The Economist.

Personally, I believe that the EU’s policy of free migration across Europe is good for Europe economically. It encourages greater competition and drives down inflation in labor costs. My own experience of Poles, Bulgarians and Rumanians is that they are prepared to work very hard indeed and are willing to take jobs that the indigenous population regard as beneath them.

It will be the millennials across Europe who will feel the greatest competition from the Bulgarians & Romanians, following the lifting of EU immigration restrictions in January, 2014.

How should responsible Governments respond to the political and social pressures of immigration? Any thoughts?

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Where the European brains move | Forum Alpbach

English: diagram showing the process of brain ...

English: diagram showing the process of brain drain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See excellent graphics and short article highlighting mobility of professionals within Europe, with the UK net importer of teachers, doctors, nurses, physios and dentists. Check it out!

via Where the European brains move | Forum Alpbach.

As I reflected on this excellent article my mind shifted to an open question:

What happened to the UK’s own supply of teachers, doctors, nurses, physios and dentists?