Opinion – Portugal seeks to calm investors over risks that Greek crisis might destabilize its markets | Fox Business – John Gelmini

We have been here before with financial speculators, like George Soros, and Black Monday, which thanks to John Major and Lamont cost us £15 billion gbp.

Greece should not get a penny more in order to stop any possibility of further contageon and if they fall out of the EU they should not imagine that Vladimir Putin is going to write them a blank cheque.

Despite the need for calm heads and rational Dr Alf style thinking, Tsipras and his hench-persons are talking the language of brinkmanship and not being “humiliated”, when in fact they tricked Greeks into believing in the tooth fairy and “Voodoo Economics”.

Paddy Power has it right, GREXIT and the road to penury for Greece is what that country’s sorry excuse for a Government has chosen.

The Portuguese need to hold their nerve and wish the Greeks goodbye, thankful in the knowledge that a similar fate was avoided for themselves.

John Gelmini

The Portuguese and The Crisis: An analysis – Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – English pravda.ru

Looking back over some of my most popular blogs, I think this is worth a read

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European flag outside the Commission European flag outside the Commission (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frequently, I take exception as to what Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey writes in Pravda. However, the following, most popular, article on Portugal is excellent and a MUST READ, in my view. Check it out!

via The Portuguese and The Crisis: An analysis – English pravda.ru.

Sadly, Bancroft-Hinchey spoils an otherwise excellent story with his conclusion which is designed for Russian popular-ism.

It seems uncanny but those observers outside Europe are able to see more clearly the unfolding economic, social and political crisis, like Paul Krugman, whereas the European Commission and people like Olli Rehn are blinkered, driven by ideology rather than evidence based policy.

Any thoughts on Portugal?

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