Opinion – Unmissable adventures around the world – Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet proposes hiking,  climbing, cycling, surfing, canoeing, as a few of the countless ways to explore a country, if you’ve got a taste for adventure. Then it answers the question, ‘But which of these pulse-quickening experiences fall into the ‘don’t-leave-without’ category?’

Source: Unmissable adventures around the world

To my surprise, we’ve done four of the nineteen proposed adventures – not bad for a couple of seniors.

What about you?

Of course, there are different types of travel, for example:

  • Independent travellers
  • Adventurous independent travellers
  • Group travellers
  • Cruise lovers

Much depends upon your passion, fitness, interests, available time, budget, independence and risk profile.

Marilyn and I are passionate independent travellers with a controlled taste for adventure. For example, one of our most previleged travel experiences was working with Giant Pandas in Sechuan, China (our blog was translated in Mandarin and Japanese to share with others lovers of Giant Pandas)

For more of our adventures, see our travel blogs:

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But many people of our age prefer group travel or cruises – good luck to them but it’s not for us.


Outrage grows over Sono ‘apartheid’ column | The Japan Times

The Ayako Sono ‘apartheid for Japan ‘remark continues to snowball. This right-wing, former advisor to Prime Minister Abe refuses to back down. Meanwhile liberals across Japan line up against her. This is a must-read article.

via Outrage grows over Sono ‘apartheid’ column | The Japan Times.

Japan desperately needs immigrants but she is worried about the social cost.  Should Japan follow the example of the US, the UK or Germany – the alternative suggested by Sono is South Africa’s apartheid?