Opinion – Boris Johnson’s ‘Explosive’ Move to Get His Way on Brexit: Suspend Parliament – via Stephen Castle, NYT


Here’s an excellent and very balanced article by Stephen Castle, the London correspondent of the NYT. The article contrasts strongly with British and other European media which is highly biassed. The many comments on the NYT article are worth a read too.

Personally, I wish Prime Minister, Boris Johnson the best of luck in trying to secure a revised Brexit deal from the EU. In recent days, he has shown that he’s decisive, polished and ready to take risks to achieve his goals – in my book, this is leadership. This should be contrasted to Jeremy Corbyn, the Far-Left leader of the Labour Party who seems slow to get off his ‘pot’.

I am amazed at the outrage in the world’s media this morning. Surely, Johnson’s decision is not a surprise? It has been widely debated in the more serious media throughout the Summer. Even Jeremy Corbyn has had his own expert legal opinion. But Jeremy Corbyn has been slow to unite cross-party opposition to the UK government’s Brexit strategy. In contrast, Johnson’s government has quietly moved forward, like a well-oiled machine.

The UK’s constitution is not codified and has served the country well for centuries. Whether Boris Johnson’s decision is questionable in law will be for the independent judiciary to decide. But Johnson’s move is bold and puts his domestic political enemies on the back foot – meanwhile, it ramps up the pressure on the EU to compromise and avoid a no-deal Brexit.

This blog would be incomplete without declaring my political bias. I am historically a ‘One Nation’ conservative. I voted for the UK to remain in the EU but respect the will of the people. Over the last three years, my views have changed to Brexiteer, favouring a Canada ++ type deal with the EU. Why have my views shifted so radically? Firstly, Theresa May’s government consistently botched EU negotiations and secondly, the EU has not negotiated in good faith.

I wish Boris Johnson’s government good luck – they are taking big risks but the rewards are huge too. The context has changed in three years and there are new strategic opportunities. Germany’s export led economy has been crippled by Donald Trump’s trade wars and is widely expected to lead the EU into recession. Meanwhile, the UK represents an enormously under-valued investment opportunity. How far Boris Johnson pivots across the Atlantic in his negotiations with Donald Trump remains to be seen.


Dark Secrets – Amazonia – Part 4 of Our Circular Trip of Peru

Reading about the devastating fires in Brazil’s Amazonia, brings back some personal experiences

Slow Travel in Distant Places


To quickly recap, here are the links to the first three parts of our our 22 day Peru adventure tour:

  1. Exploring Lima and Peru’s Desert Wonderland
  2. Exploring South Pacific Ocean to Lake Titicaca, Peru
  3. Stunning Cusco & Breathtaking Machu Picchu – Stage Three of 22 Day Circular Adventure Journey Around Peru

Expecting part four of our trip to be the highlight or climax, it’s regrettable that our most vivid memories are ‘Amazonia’s dark secret’.

This blog describes our expectations, observations, research and conclusions.


Our trip notes for days 20, 21 & 22 promised, ‘ Day 20: Short flight to Puerto Maldonado; travel by boat into rain-forest; afternoon jungle walk. Day 21: Jungle exploration by boat and on foot. Day 22: Fly to Lima; end Lima.’

Day 20 notes stated, ‘On arrival, we transfer to the dock for a boat trip to our lodge in the Tambopata Nature…

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