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Until I retired in late 2011, I had spent twenty succesful years plus as an independent professional executive and consultant.

When I started my blog in February 2011, I decided to share my subjective views on a number of themes that were important to me including my profession.

For the reader looking for a subjective and longitudinal perspective over twenty years, I hope that my blog provides a rich mine of information – most postings are written from the vantage of an independent professional executive and consultant. Here is a list (with hyperlinks) to my top twelve blogs for 2011 (they are ranked below according to number of hits, with the the most popular first):

  1. What are the three types of Interim Management assignment?

  2. UK Local Authorities & Shared Services: Cost-Cutting – Myth or Reality?

  3. What’s the difference between an Interim Manager and a Management Consultant?

  4. Utilising Professional Interims to Help Reduce the Budget Deficit – Removing Catch 22?

  5. Interim Management: Ten Emerging Trends and Outlook for the Future

  6. Public Sector Performance: Catch 22 type Dilemmas

  7. Public Sector Catch 22: The Role of “IT” in Business Transformation

  8. The Open Public Services White Paper, the Budget Deficit and Thirteen Key Reasons for the Government to Deploy Professional Interims for Risk Reduction?

  9. Public Sector Catch 22: Structural Reform, Strategy and Implementation – How to avoid a Omnishambles Recovery Programme?

  10. Public Sector Catch 22: Cost-Cutting Vs. Cost Reduction

  11. Cabinet Office & Treasury Score Own Goal with “Catch 22″: More Myths, Realities & Escalating Risks?

  12. The Every Day Reality of the Professional Interim

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