Opinion – Managing the costs of clinical negligence in NHS trusts – National Audit Office (NAO)

Citing review of ten years data, the NAO reports that the cost of clinical negligence in NHS trusts is significant and rising fast, placing increasing financial pressure on an already stretched system.

Source: Managing the costs of clinical negligence in trusts – National Audit Office (NAO)

The key findings are:

  1. The cost of clinical negligence claims is rising at a faster rate year-on-year, than NHS funding
  2. Even if successful, NHS Resolution and the Department’s current actions are unlikely to stop the growth in the cost of clinical negligence claims
  3. The government lacks a coherent cross-government strategy, underpinned by policy, to support measures to tackle the escalation
  4. The increase in damages is driven by a small number of high-value claims, while the increase in legal costs is mainly due to a large number of low- and medium-value claims up to £250,000

For me there are probably three fundamentals which this report is too polite to identify.

Firstly, politicians have consistently meddled and provided knee jerk reactions, failing to look at the NHS crisis holistically from a strategic perspective. Rather than radically reform the public health industry, the government is too weak and introducing piecemeal outsourcing which is clearly sub-optimal.

Secondly, the NHS is ineffectively managed, relying upon a narrow group of industry specialists, rather than opening its ranks to world class talent from other sectors.

Thirdly, the various political stakeholders in the UK’s public health industry are typically putting their own interests ahead of patients. In the private sector, there’s a wealth of research confirming the market oriented businesses consistently achieve superior fanancial performance. Within the NHS, there’s a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy to patients, treating them more as children than customers.


Britain’s failed National Health System (NHS) and the Case for a World Class UK Public Healthcare System Benchmarked on Best Practice

I have received a request to share hyperlinks to my blogs on best practice in public healthcare. As I ran a search across blogs for ‘NHS and Best Practice’, I thought this would be of interest to a wider audience.

Here’s the list of blogs (with hyperlinks), in reverse chronological order, viz. latest first. Some are written by myself and some my co-blogger, John Gelmini. Each blog is dealing with an issue at that particular moment in time. But the interested reader will find a wealth of data and radical opinion.

Incremental change has failed and radical reforms have been consistently botched. Politicians have meddled and meddled. There’s been no overall vision, strategy and effective delivery mechanism. There have been too many vested political interests, both internally and externally, with patient care subordinated. Whilst the NHS was a great vision when originally conceived and indeed for many years set the gold-standard for public healthcare, now it’s riddled with its own cancers, with a terminal prognosis. Notwithstanding, politicians continue to make false promises, knowing that the evidence tells a different story. For this reason, both John Gelmini and myself, both experts in delivering strategic change, have settled on a more radical solution – build a new bottom-up UK public healthcare system, benchmarked on global best practice, running downing and eventually dismantling the NHS.

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