Jeremy Corbyn vows to oust Theresa May ‘within a matter of days’ after spectacular election result – Mirror Online

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s an important read from the Labour supporting tabloid, the Mirror Online. It reports that the Labour leader has revealed exclusively to the Sunday Mirror that he plans to use the Queen’s Speech as his first opportunity to topple the floundering PM.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn vows to oust Theresa May ‘within a matter of days’ after spectacular election result – Mirror Online

There is no doubt that Jeremy Corbyn is very strong at the moment and has a right to crow after his spectacular election success.

But let’s remember that the Labour Party was hijacked by shadowy hard-left fanatics for whom the end justifies the means. These people on the Far Left espouse views on the Middle East and antisemitism, for example, that are based on prejudice rather than evidence.

The article hints that big beasts of the Labour Party, regarded as Blairites, or Red Socialists, are ready to play a more active role.

I suggest that there’s a need to watch the announcement of the shadow parliament very carefully. If Corbyn brings heavy hitting Red Socialists back into his cabinet, he will have upped his game exponentially and conservatives need to be seriously fearful of the arrival of a Labour Government. BUT if Jeremy Corbyn ignores the real talent in his party and continues with a kitchen cabinet full of left-wing ‘me toos’, there will be an even more alarming message – Jeremy Corbyn will prove that he’s a puppet being manipulated by the Far Left in his party.

Make no mistake, a Far Left dominated Labour Party, if ever elected, will be revolutionary. The UK will risk quickly becoming a banana republic, with financial implosion.

It’s time for people to wake up and forget the political ‘Pied Pipers’ and look at the evidence, especially traditional conservative supporters. Every conservative should write to their MP and demand a Theresa May’s resignation after her disgraceful performance.