Opinion – European spring – Trust in the EU and democracy is recovering | Bruegel – John Gelmini

There is no real evidence that trust in the EU and democracy is recovering and the economic problems which led to the youth unemployment problems that DrAlf writes about are still there and worsening.

The EU as a whole is £4.4 trillion GBP in debt and is not exporting enough to clear even a fraction of that debt other than in Germany and Holland which do enough to cover their needs but not much more.

The problems of the PIIGS remain, with Greece ready to implode financially and the rich countries of the EU refusing at the moment to bail Greece out. The Italian banks are insolvent, Portugal despite the best efforts of Professor Michael Porter of Harvard University to help the government there, remains stubbornly uncompetitive.

In France, Macron has yet to explain how he proposes to create French jobs in the face of technology and global competition whilst preserving the French way of life.

Europe may be recovering economically but the pace of that recovery is pitifully slow and insufficient to build hope and trust in a better future or deal with the prospect of doubled migration of economic migrants from the countries of the African Union aided and facilitated by President Erdogan.

John Gelmini