Opinion – Full EU membership is Turkey’s most crucial strategic target: Deputy PM – ECONOMICS – Hurriyet Daily News – John Gelmini

English: Turkey & EU

English: Turkey & EU (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To answer Dr Alf’s question, the EU is very far from being democratic, which is why the far reaching TTIP talks with America are being conducted in secret, although we learn from President Obama that he thinks initial agreement will be reached by the time he is ready to leave office for good (January 2017).

Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and Albania are not the sort of countries most of us would want to be allowed into the EU not least because they are relatively poor and will require further transfer payments from rich countries like Germany and nett contributors like the UK.

We are not being told about the terms of entry of these new proposed EU members nor the numbers that are expected under free movement provisions to come to the UK and Germany by 2021 (The proposed date for Turkish and possibly these other memberships).

These details remain firmly in the head of Chancellor Merkel of Germany and presumably the European Commission but will no doubt be discussed more widely but again in secret at Bilderberg 2016 which this year will be held in Dresden, Germany.

The policy with enlargement is to negotiate in secret and then announce the result as a fait accomplit which is then sold to the people of Europe as a thoroughly good thing.

John Gelmini

The top 10 points in favour of an exit and how to rebut them – Martin Wolf- FT.com

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English: (Green) the United Kingdom. (Light-green) The European Union (EU). (Grey) Europe. (Light-grey) The surrounding region. See also: Category:SVG locator maps of countries of Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this powerful FT article, Martin Wolf argues that if the UK voted to leave the EU, it would almost certainly be outside the arrangement organising the life of our neighbours and principal economic partners forever. Given this, the question is whether the option to leave should be exercised now. Wolf examines the top ten points in favour of an exit and how to rebut them.

The bottom line is that the Brexiteers don’t have a credible case. They rely upon promoting fear of increased immigration by remaining in the EU and even this falls apart.

By and large the Brexiteers are either very right-wing or very left-wing in their views. The moderate middle ground of the political spectrum favor remaining in the EU.