Opinion – How rightwing writers covered Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville | US news | The Guardian

With a sub-title entitled ‘The Far Right – Bursting your Bubble’, this is an outstanding piece of analysis, published in the Guardian.

Author, Jason Wilson, argues that despite the president’s increasing political isolation, there are some on the right who can’t bring themselves to condemn him, and others who blame the left.

Source: How rightwing writers covered Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville | US news | The Guardian

This is one of the best pieces of analytical journalism that I’ve read in your. Wilson highlights the data, gives an overview of the publisher and the writer, a citation and his own translation of the coded language.

Of course, the Guardian is liberal and giving its audience some fresh red meat.

Sadly, there’s another equally dark story to tell about the Far-Left, with their own racist, pro-Palastinian, anti semitic bias. For both the Far Left and the Far Right, evidence is suppressed in favour of political expediency and the end justifies the means – look to 20th century history, whether it’s Hitler and Mussolini’s Fascism or Stalin‘s Communism.

I wonder if writer, Jason Wilson, will write a second piece exposing the Far-Left? It would be interesting to see if the Guardian is ready to be as critical of the Far-Left as the Far-Right?


Brexit may never happen – Sir Vince Cable – BBC News

English: Vince Cable, British politician and f...

English: Vince Cable, British politician and former acting leader of the Liberal Democrats, being interviewed for Sky News. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Sir Vince Cable highlighted that Labour and Tory divisions are “enormous” and the economy is “deteriorating”, so Brexit may never happen.

Source: Brexit may never happen – Sir Vince Cable – BBC News

It’s fascinating but ‘No Brexit’ has become an ‘elephant in the room‘ at Westminster. So whilst the comment from Sir Vince Cable may be regarded as unhelpful by many Conservatives, he’s right to highlight the enormous risks.

The British Public know that they’ve been sold ‘a dud one’, based on fanning xenophobia and false news. Meanwhile, the government argue that ‘we must respect the will of the people’. The truth is simple, the people were conned.

So surely, a second referendum, clarifying hard, soft or no Brexit would be both inherently democratic and in the public interest?