Xi recognizes Kissinger as ‘trailblazer’ – People’s Daily Online

English: US President Richard Nixon and Chines...

English: US President Richard Nixon and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai toast, February 25, 1972 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: Logo of the People’s Daily 中文: 人民日报题字 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a very important editorial article from China's leading, semi-official newspaper, the People's Daily. It's a must-read. Check it out!

via Xi recognizes Kissinger as ‘trailblazer’ – People’s Daily Online.

I’m an admirer of Xi Jinping‘s political skills. He doesn’t leave strategic relationships to chance with other political leaders trying to score short-term political points or the bundling of bureaucrats.

Take for example his relationship with the UK, he has cemented his dealings with the Queen and the Prince of Wales.

Of course, the US is a republic with a politically appointed president – who also happens to be in his ‘lame-duck’ closing period in office. Also Xi is no doubt following closely Kelly and the US State Departments dealings with Iran.

Xi wants to pave the way for a historic visit to the US this year, so he’s using  Kissinger as his emissary. He praises Kissinger as ‘trailblazer’ and Kissinger returns to the US with Xi message. Kissinger, now a very elderly man, has been practicing ‘real politik‘ on the World stage for most of his long life. Most importantly he accompanied President Nixon to China for the historical visit that paved the way for China’s growth and geopolitical recovery. Also Henry Kissinger is a prominent member of the influential Bilderburg Group.

I wonder what Xi said to Kissinger?