Opinion – Wisconsin primary: Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders defeat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – Telegraph – John Gelmini

We are not yet at the final act of this multi Act play brought to us by the Daily Telegraph, courtesy of Dr. Alf but we are getting closer.

Donald Trump will eventually run as an independent and split the Republican vote making Hillary Clinton the President as was planned by the Council on Foreign Relations more than 2 years ago.

If he keeps running as he is then the Republicans will have a troubled and tumultuous convention which will ensure that someone other than Trump runs against Hillary Clinton which given the demographics of the country ,favour her. Bernie Sanders will, despite this recent success not do quite well enough.

The interesting part to consider is what happens afterwards because even with Hillary Clinton as President people will still be dissatisfied with things as they are.

John Gelmini

Joseph Stiglitz: It’s a no-brainer to keep rates on hold – MarketWatch

According to Nobel winning economisr, Joseph Stiglitz, higher rates would slow the US economy but it would hurt African-Americans and Hispanic Americans the most.

Source: Joseph Stiglitz: It’s a no-brainer to keep rates on hold – MarketWatch

Of course, since the financial crash of 2008, poor Americans have never really recovered. The top 1% and indeed the top 20% have gone from strength to strength. I’m not sure what Obama has really done to improve the lot of the least advantaged in American society?