China has been intensively developing homegrown VTOL fighter jet, but admits it lags behind America

China has been intensively developing homegrown VTOL fighter jet, but admits it lags behind America

This is a popular story from China Daily Mail. It’s well worth a read. Check it out!

As I dwelled on the implications, my mind switched to Europe and absence of an effective defense strategy. In particular, I am still angered by thought of UK defense cuts in the name of austerity. Surely defense spending should be ring-fenced rather than foreign-aid which often ends up in the hands of corrupt officials?


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Model of Chian’s Type 081 amphibious attack warship Model of Chian’s Type 081 amphibious attack warship

The following is based on translations from reports on Chinese websites:

Chinese website describes in its report the difficulties in developing a VTOLfighter jet but concludes that for China at present, development of a VTOL fighter jet within a short period time is not a simple task.

Though China has started the project for such a fighter jet, Chinese military industrial workers still have a long way to go to fulfil that arduous task.

Another Chinese media of similar status,, describes in its report the following shortcomings of a VTOL fighter jet: 1. larger fuel consumption; 2. smaller load of ammunition; 3. difficulties to produce and operate; 4. relatively high requirements for takeoff and landing environment (sand, soil taken into engine may cause serious problems); and 5. longer duration of maintenance.

However, xinhua says that China still wants…

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Opinion – Millions of pounds of aid money is at risk of falling into criminal hands, warn MPs – Telegraph – John Gelmini

I am afraid I cannot agree that we must tinker at the margins with overseas aid, through zero based budgeting as Dr Alf suggests or that the idea that aid “might run the risk of falling into the hands of criminals” is somehow something new.

We are still in financially perilous times and we cannot afford to be giving £12 billion gbp in foreign aid to anybody, let alone countries like China and India which do not need it and to corrupt African dictators who steal it, waste it on their profligate wives, and mistresses and who waste it on fleets of bulletproof Mercedes cars with Guardsman packages and on non jobs created for relatives. Criminals, terrorists and other “bottom feeders” take their cut of this money through the supply chain and UK civil servants at the Foreign Office and DIFID do nothing.

The aid money should be diverted into programs which up-skill the population and help to increase exports and earn needed foreign exchange.

The evidence cited for giving aid is flimsy at best and bogus at worst as evidenced by the inexorable rise of terrorism and ingratitude that accompanies every pound we give.

Money for corrupt African dictators simply results in demands for more as if “white man’s burden” was a blank cheque to be encashed until the end of time.

I say charity begins at home and that the politicians need to remember where that home is.

John Gelmini