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This is an outstanding article from China’s leading newspaper, Global Times. It’s a must read. Check it out!

via Are low-cost airlines safe? – Global Times.

What I particularly liked about this article was the high quality graphical data that was easy to assimilate.

My own view is that the days of the full-service airlines are numbered – as they try to cut costs, like at Lufthansa, then safety will be at risk – all of this is set against dated and ineffective regulation of the air-travel industry.

Simply, budget airlines are the strategically sustainable business model for the future – whereas full-service carriers are doomed, chained by inflexible unions –  the prevailing weakness is airline regulation which is too inclined to protect powerful vested interests, viz. the status quo and not champion consumer interests.


Opinion – Germanwings’ co-pilot 100 percent fit to fly: Lufthansa CEO – People’s Daily Online – John Gelmini

The answer to Dr Alf’s 3 emerging questions is YES in all cases.

There is some question about the emotional/psychological state of this deeply troubled young man courtesy of the Daily Mail and presumably a wider segment of the media once the facts become known.
Perhaps pilots should be taught Stoicism if they do not have that ability already so that they can cope better with life’s more common troubles(divorce, troublesome partners, being jilted, financial ruin, reputational damage, death of a spouse, partner or child, loss of self esteem etc,etc).

If they are ex military pilots, there needs to be separate screening for PTSD and “survivor syndrome”.

All that said air travel is far safer than rail and coach travel,travel on buses and jogging(many joggers die earlier than the rest of us through ingesting traffic fumes). The late Jim Fixx,the founder of the jogging craze in America who I once met at a book signing died at the age of 41 and is now almost forgotten for his mistaken remarks about the efficacy of jogging to increasing longevity.

You are more likely to die in a car accident than these other modes of transport and even more likely to die in a motor cycle accident or pedal cycle accident.

But the bottom-line is that airline safety regulators need to refocus their efforts. There’s too much bullying of elderly passengers and not enough effective risk management.