British Airways cabin crew strikers prepared for long haul | Business | The Guardian

This is a shameful distortion of events. The Guardian reports that mixed fleet BA staff have fought for better pay for six months but, despite plans for further action, the airline won’t settle.

Source: British Airways cabin crew strikers prepared for long haul | Business | The Guardian

Actually, Corbyn‘s Marxist economy has not yet arrived in the UK. We live in a market based economy where the customer and market forces prevail, unless inertia intervenes – the unions are a classic example of inertia damaging what’s best for customers, both in terms of value and quality.

Because of militant unions and poorly motivated staff, BA has been going downhill for years. People like myself are scared to book a BA flight because of flight disruption. If I could use my airmiles, I’d be finished with BA for good. Let’s face it, BA just can’t compete with the likes of Emirates or Air Asia.

Surely, it’s time  to withdraw scheduled routes on the back of poor delivery, including strikes and service quality, measured by international benchmarks?


Opinion – Vulnerable consumers in regulated industries – National Audit Office (NAO) – John Gelmini

Gatwick Airport Monorail.

Gatwick Airport Monorail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right, regulators in the UK are not the sharpest needle in the pack and are unable to keep up with the machinations of product providers and companies that operate airports, trains and public transport.

Secondly, they are lazy and complacent and in common with much of UK business are not truly familiar with the concept of customer service excellence. The public don’t really understand it either, unless they have lived and worked outside of this country and are not afflicted with the idea that the world owes them a living.

Sadly, and this needs saying a lot more, many people in the UK, particularly certain types of pensioner and single woman who own pets are strangers to shower gel, soap or water, are untidy ,disorganised and feckless. With that sort of attitude, it is hardly surprising that airports, public spaces, public transport, and our airports do not meet the more exacting standards that Dr Alf saw and I used to experience in America.

John Gelmini