Caviar sales surge in Britain – CNBC

Mother of Pearl spoons with sturgeon caviar an...

Mother of Pearl spoons with sturgeon caviar and salmon roe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Black Beluga caviar.

Black Beluga caviar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an amazing, must-read, story from CNBC. Check it out!

via Caviar sales surge in Britain.

Judging by the massive increase in sales of caviar in Britain, one gets the picture that the UK is booming. Well, yes, the UK economy is currently growing faster than many major economies, especially the Eurozone.

Unfortunately, all is not that well beneath the surface. Much of the boom in Christmas spending is funded on credit cards. Also the country is still seriously indebted, so the next government must either bring tax hikes or further savage austerity to the public sector. Most worrying, UK skills, education and healthcare seriously lags other advanced economies.

After the UK election, I wonder if there will be an increase in UK caviar sales next Christmas?