Auction Work Visas After Brexit – Adam Smith Insitute (ASI)

Here’s an excellent read from the ASI. Whatever your views on Brexit, the evidence on quality immigrants is clear. After Brexit, the UK will still need highly skilled immigrants to sustain living standards. This article suggests a novel approach – to auction work visas. Whilst I go along with the majority of the ASI article, I still have serious misgivings about raising the skill levels and productivity of the indigenous population to make the UK globally competitive – this becomes increasingly important as the risks of a global trade war escalate. Thoughts?

Opinion – China must be ready for looming trade war – Editorial – Global Times

Here’s an outstanding must-read editorial from China influential Global Times. The article dispassionately examines the implications of Trump initiating a trade war against China. The bottom line is that the US will suffer from a global trade war and, of course, it will eventually rebound politically on Trump and his supporters. But it’s worth reflecting on other casualities of a global trade war – the UK is particularly exposed to downside trade war risks because of Brexit uncertainties. Thoughts?