Who’s next out the door at the Trump administration? Seven Possibililities – the WSJ

Here’s an excellent article in the WSJ. Although being US President was Donald Trump‘s first political office, he’s no stranger to the Machiavellian black arts, and is consolidating and strengthening his powerbase very effectively – even the Chinese media are grudgingly respecting Trump’s successes. But it’s very much ‘Eyes Right’, America First – these policies will have widespread implications both domestically and internationally. We should expect raised political risk to increasingly impact on global investment decisions and financial markets, possibly curtailing global growth curves. Against this background, the UK’s anemic Brexit induced growth forecasts could soon turn into negative territory, signalling the start of a deep recession. Thoughts?

Top Blogs Revisited – How to import gpx into Google Maps to make a GPS track viewer – UrbanHikr

Am reblogging this popular article because the original caused continued interest from around the world. Whether you Apple or Android, if you’re interested in walking and a healthy lifestyle, this is recommended.

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