Abbott, Cameron join forces to attack growing Russian threat -Brisbane Times

G20 countries

G20 countries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Personally, I struggled with this article from the Brisbane Times. I recommend a critical read – also watch Abbot & Cameron on the video – what have they achieved?

via Abbott, Cameron join forces to attack growing Russian threat.

For me, Tony Abbot has undermined the potential effectiveness of the G20 with his hostility to Russia. It’s no surprise that President Putin is leaving the G20 early.

Surely, the G20 would be more effective if the discussions were in private?

I also question David Cameron‘s assumption that increased sanctions will weaken Russia’s resolve.

On the wider aspects of the Ukraine, I question both the prevailing Western and Russian viewpoints. The Ukraine has long been corrupt and I am deeply worried that the European Union has committed billions of Dollars to prop up the Ukraine, largely to get Russian gas flowing again through the Ukraine to Germany. To me the Ukraine looks extremely fragile, both economically and politically – I worry that the Ukraine will implode, like Iraq.

Personally, I think that Messrs. Cameron and Abbott have made reaching a deal with Russia that much harder.


Obama strives to shake off lame-duck label at start of trip to China – LA Times

This is a thoughtful article from the Los Angeles Times and well worth a read. Check it out!

via Obama strives to shake off lame-duck label at start of trip to China – LA Times.

It’s a paradox that probably the most powerful man in the World, the President of the US is a lame duck.

Obama started out with enormous political fire-power but he squandered his political capital on his pet causes. Now the Republicans control both houses and I expect them to hold Obama to account.

In my view, once a lame-duck, always a lame-duck. Obama has little wriggle room and must rely on executive power but not push it to the point where the Republicans want him impeached.

Don’t you think that the next two years will be a dangerous time for geo-politics?