What’s gone wrong with the Conservative campaign? George Eaton – New Statesman

Here’s an excellent analysis from George Eaton, the political editor at the New Statesman. He argues that Theresa May‘s weaknesses and a lack of popular policies have driven the Tories backwards.

What’s gone wrong with the Conservative campaign?

Yesterday I arrived in London and talking about the general election over dinner with a number of natural Tory voters, the conclusion was that Theresa May had screwed up big time and the risk of a hung parliament or indeed a Corbyn coalition was more likely.

Many natural conservatives don’t want to vote for Theresa May but they do want a Conservative majority. Perhaps, a small majority would be best, so that May is held to account, and surgically removed in a coup if she’s still weak and wobbly. Surely, the UK can’t afford a weak and wobbly PM negotiating Brexit?