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English: Łazienki Palace, Warsaw, Poland Polsk...

English: Łazienki Palace, Warsaw, Poland Polski: Pałac łazienkowski w Warszawie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a good article and worth a read. Check it out!

Warsaw Guide | Poland Travel | Rough Guides.

Apart from relatively cheap costs in Warsaw, Poland is now well serviced by budget airlines, so the total cost of trip can be very competitive. Also East European destinations, like Warsaw, remains very popular for “stag” and “hen” parties!


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EasyJet or AirAsia?

English: Logo of EasyJet

English: Logo of EasyJet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Logo of AirAsia.

English: Logo of AirAsia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Easy Jet won the short-haul award as the best budget airline and meanwhile AirAsia scooped up the equivalent long haul award.

I have been a long-standing Easyjet fan, over many years, plus dozens and dozens of flights. Recently, I have noticed that it’s cheaper to fly British Airways when I take account of all the hidden charges.

We’re off the Asia shortly and have started booking some AirAsia flights and are very, very impressed with the prices.

If it were a global challenge, are there any views as to whether Easyjet or AirAsia would win?

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