Opinion – Seniors grow to 26% of population as Japan shrinks for fourth year straight | The Japan Times – john Gelmini

Dr Alf puts forward some profound questions about Japan, which has been eclipsed by China which was once the 2nd largest economy in the World.

Japan needs to reshape its tax system to encourage wealthy and intelligent foreigners to live and work there, and to stimulate job-creating inward-investment because it needs more people like that to drive it forward economically.

What Japan has to teach other people is its methodology for miniaturization, continuous improvement, smart manufacturing, quality control, efficient policing and Hoshin Planning.

Beyond that, each country has to look at its own particular circumstances, and learn from the countries which handle problems best.

Thus, when you have too little land and need more of it go to the Dutch because they are the global experts at reclaiming land from the sea, engineering and exporting-Germany, healthcare – France, Germany, Italy and Singapore, efficient Government Singapore, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, innovation – America, software development -India, transformation of formerly agrarian economies-China, education –Finland, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore

John Gelmini

Outrage grows over Sono ‘apartheid’ column | The Japan Times

The Ayako Sono ‘apartheid for Japan ‘remark continues to snowball. This right-wing, former advisor to Prime Minister Abe refuses to back down. Meanwhile liberals across Japan line up against her. This is a must-read article.

via Outrage grows over Sono ‘apartheid’ column | The Japan Times.

Japan desperately needs immigrants but she is worried about the social cost.  Should Japan follow the example of the US, the UK or Germany – the alternative suggested by Sono is South Africa’s apartheid?