Russia’s shriveling economy becomes a global threat | The Japan Times

This is a good article from the Japan Times. It’s well worth a read. Check it out!

via Russia’s shriveling economy becomes a global threat | The Japan Times.

Personally, I think that it’s time to hand Russia a solution. I seriously question the wisdom of deeper sanctions on top of crashing oil prices.

It’s time to remember that Russia national symbol  is the bear and a wounded bear is very dangerous.


A bear sleeping with a happy face in the cold ...

A bear sleeping with a happy face in the cold Russian sun. He can run at 33 mph (55 km/h) in the deep forest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Opinion – Understanding “New Power” – Harvard Business Review – John Gelmini

I share Dr Alf’s view.

Power is power. What we are witnessing is an attempt by consumers and people without power to take it away from those that have always had it.

What is the reality?

Certainly, small businesses who the banks have turned down for a loan can now under the right circumstances get Crowdfunding.

This does not make the banks less powerful because all they do is lend to bigger businesses and fewer wealthier people at lower cost which means they make more money than ever and are able to fund overseas acquisitions.

Power is concentrated into fewer hands than ever (just 2,500 people control the economies, food supplies, energy supplies and the militaries of 189 different countries). Those 2,500 people decide what we see on television,who our leaders are going to be, whether we are at peace or war , whether we remain in recession or enjoy a boom and what things can go into our foods. They are allegedly represented by 21 families and 13 Black Nobility families.This last grouping can trace their ancestry back as far as the Roman Emperor Justinian.

The American Presidents have in 34 cases out of 44 all been related to just 2 people, Alfred the Great and Charlemagne.

To the above concentration of power must be added income distribution, which is more unequal than at any time since the 1850s. ‘New Power’ is still the same as ‘Old Power’.

John Gelmini