In Turkey, a Syrian Child ‘Has to Work to Survive’ – The New York Times

In an outstanding article the NYT reports that over one million Syrian children live in Turkey, and thousands work in factories or sweatshops to provide for their families, rather than attend school.

Source: In Turkey, a Syrian Child ‘Has to Work to Survive’ – The New York Times

This article deploys subjective research looking at the lives of individual children. It’s deeply alarming and worrying.

The EU is stumping up billions of Euro to help the plight of Syrian refugees, including the education of children. Surely, the EU authorities have checks and balances?

It’s easy to target the Turkish government for lapses but the article also highlights the greed of Turkish businesses.

For international buyers of good from Turkey, there’s a need to conduct surprise audits of the manufacturing facilities in Turkey. Responsible retailers should introduce new seals of quality, like for coffee.


Reunifting Cyprus – You say raki, I say ouzo | The Economist

English: Map of the districts of Cyprus, named...

English: Map of the districts of Cyprus, named in English, with English annotations, and showing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, United Kingdom Sovereign Base Areas, and United Nations buffer zone. The individual maps see below. Deutsch: Karte der Distrikte Zyperns: Griechische Verwaltungszonen, Türkische Republik Nordzypern, UK-Militärbasen, UN-Pufferzone (englische Beschriftung). Zu den Einzelkarten siehe unten “Individual maps”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an outstanding, must-read article by the Economist. The article reports that Greek and Turkish Cypriots, close to a deal but may yet call the whole thing off.

Source: You say raki, I say ouzo | The Economist

The article is optimistic but cautious.

Importantly, the Economist features that the economic growth impact of reunification would be equivalent to an extra 3% GDP. This would push Cyprus growth to Asian levels and it would outstrip many European countries.

Cyprus has had its tough times in recent years but now opportunities exceed risks. I would expect an investment boom as the country continues to strengthen.