Read original source – British Social Attitudes – Key Findings – NatCen Social Research

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...

English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Read the original source of the important annual survey into British social attitudes. The NatCen Social Research has conducted the British Social Attitudes survey every year since 1983 and the 31st report was published in June 2014. Here’s the link to the original:

Source: Key findings | BSA 30 | NatCen

Most UK national newspapers are cherry-picking from this report, showing their political bias, and pandering to what they think their readers want – to drive up circulation. It’s understandable that newspapers want to increase their readership but surely their central purpose is about reporting the news accurately? Otherwise, why not rely on social media like this blog highlighting the source of major news? It makes me wonder at the motivation of many newspaper owners and editors?

Here are the key themes emerging from the survey:

  • Live & let live society
  • Losing faith in key institutions
  • Changing cultural attitudes
  • Tensions between individual and state responsibility
  • Social & demographic changes towards Britain in 2043

I recommend that you read the original report. It provides some fascinating insights.

If you’ve an interest in false news, look at some of the mainstream media’s coverage of this survey. You should soon be able to see spin and bias. For example, the Guardian claims:

Public tolerance of austerity is collapsing as support for higher taxes to enable more spending on health, education and policing increases, according to the latest British social attitudes survey

Actually, there’s no direct evidence in the survey to support individuals’ propensity to accept increases in both direct and indirect taxes, like VAT.

Perhaps we should ask the Guardian:

Where’s the evidence to support that individuals will pay more tax to offset rising public services? Will individuals put up with a 5% VAT increase for example?



Opinion – EU Trade Commissioner: No trade talks until full Brexit – BBC News – John Gelmini

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the ...

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the head of Regent Street, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is rubbish from the BBC and the EU trade commissioner because German big business is already leaning on Merkel to expedite such talks.

Triggering article 50 should be delayed until the negotiating position has been worked out and decision-tree’d and until competent negotiators are in position. The BBC is once again trying to force the country into making precipitous and ill considered moves to suit the bloated bank accounts of its board. We should negotiate when we are good and ready not listen to this trade commissioner who is little more than a Rottweiler being ordered to savage the UK Government and frighten it by barking loudly.

Some jobs will be frozen as Dr Alf says, but firms like Vodaphone, which are threatening to leave the UK will not want the social chapter costs, training levies and higher salaries that they will have to pay and if they did leave. I would want to revisit the sweetheart deal initiated by Dave Hartnett, the former HMRC Chief Executive and demand the full £20 billion GBP in Corporation Taxes that Vodaphone hasn’t paid in the last 20 plus years. Other firms making similar threats need to have their bluff called.

Passporting rights for financial services firms do not present an insurmountable problem because the clever use of a nearshoring location held at arms length using virtualization can be used to circumvent the present impasse and we have leverage in the form of customs procedures which could be made more difficult for German car manufacturers and engineering firms in order to concentrate minds quickly.

Currency speculators and Masters of the Universe should be free to make money but George Soros style financial terrorism needs to be curtailed by firm action as it was when Soros tried to bankrupt Malaysia whose Prime Minister refused to be intimidated by him and his Bilderberger colleagues.

The UK Government is going to have to lower Corporation taxes below the level of the Dublin Financial District and Singapore to offset the losses in Corporation tax which cancel out the foreign exchange we gain from exports to the EU and the rest of the world and it is going to have to make BT PLC, HSBC PLC and a number of UK firms with offices in Dublin move back to the UK using a mixture of carrot, quiet exhortation and stick.

Boris, Gove and Farage are already yesterday’s men but the BBC selling propaganda and speculation masquerading as news is still very much in evidence.

The licensing fee needs to be abolished and the whole thing privatised along with the mass firings of its left-wing reporters, gnarled presenters and most of its management who must never be allowed to come back as interims, advisors or consultants.

To summarise, we must hold our nerve, refuse to be bullied or browbeaten and take action against those who continually create barriers to progress like the BBC, financial terrorists like George Soros, civil service mandarins, closet Druids who threaten our energy security and damage farming, the SNP and local authority chief executives.

John Gelmini